Booking.Paris is a booking platform linking suppliers of touristic activities or services with customers from all over the world.

I. Terms of Business of Booking.Paris
Booking.Paris suggests to users tourist excursions, activities, and experiences all over Paris and offers the customers the possibility to book directly through the Booking.Paris platform.

Conclusion of Contract
After the user has expressed a service request on the Booking.Paris website, Booking.Paris will show the service or product description. Based on this information and after checking availability, if necessary, the user can submit a contractual offer to be forwarded to the provider by making an order. This is done by clicking the “book now” button. Due to the nature of the activities, the provider has 24 hours to approve or reject the offer. All booking requests are considered accepted after 24 hours. If the booking has been rejected within the 24 hours following the booking request , a full refund will be provided to the customer and the customer will be informed by email.
Booking.Paris shall provide a booking request confirmation and a payment confirmation to the user by email.
Booking.Paris does cannot guarantee for the accuracy of data forwarded or guarantee the performance of services by the provider, because all information displayed and forwarded is based on data provided by third parties or providers, which Booking.Paris cannot verify in detail.

Prices on Booking.Paris are displayed per person and include all taxes.

Limitation of Liability
Booking.Paris shall be liable for damages caused by Booking.Paris or its vicarious agents by intent or gross negligence.
In the case of simple negligence, Booking.Paris shall be liable only for breach of an essential contractual obligation and only for foreseeable and typical damages. Essential contractual obligations shall be those whose fulfilment makes the proper execution of the contract possible and on whose fulfilment the user may generally rely.

Users may terminate their registration with Booking.Paris at any time by contacting Booking.Paris. Booking.Paris may terminate a registration unilaterally with a notice period of one week. Previously incurred entitlements shall remain unaffected. The right to extraordinary termination shall remain unaffected.

Review Function
Only users who purchased and attented attented the activity can write a review. The user’s review will personnaly influence the product description. Users are fully responsible for the content posted by them and shall assume responsibility for it. They shall ensure the correctness of the content and guarantee that it does not contain misleading or improper statements or information.
Booking.Paris can use user content in various ways. These include, inter alia, display on the website, reformatting, processing for more clarity or better grammar, and the inclusion in advertisements or other work.
Booking.Paris may remove or re-insert user content as necessary and at its sole discretion. Booking.Paris can, for example, remove user content if it is the opinion of Booking.Paris that it violates Booking.Paris’ principles on content. Booking.Paris shall not be obligated to retain copies of user content or provide such copies. Booking.Paris does not guarantee the confidentiality of user content.
Booking.Paris and its partners may display advertisements and other information adjacent to or along with user content on the website and in other media. Users shall not be entitled to compensation for such advertisements. Rights to make changes with respect to the nature and extent of such advertisements shall be reserved, and users have no right to be specially notified of these.
The user shall relieve Booking.Paris from all third party claims upon initial demand and in full (including the reasonable costs of legal prosecution and defense) that said third parties may assert against Booking.Paris with respect to user content entered by the user. This shall apply even if the disputed content is no longer available on Booking.Paris. This shall not apply if Booking.Paris is responsible for the violation. In the event of third party claims, users shall provide Booking.Paris with all information necessary for the examination of the claims and a defense promptly, truthfully and completely.

Data Protection
Booking.Paris shall collect and use users’ personal information to the extent necessary for establishing, arranging, or changing the status of the contractual agreement for Booking.Paris between the user and Booking.Paris.

Amendments to the Terms of Business
Booking.Paris reserves the right to modify the Terms of Business at any time without notice and without stating reasons for doing so.

Other Provisions
The law of France shall apply. If you have submitted the order as a consumer, and at the time of your order your habitual residence is in another country, the application of mandatory laws of that country shall not be affected by the applicable jurisdiction of France. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Paris, insofar as the user is a merchant within the meaning of the French Commercial Code or does not have a permanent residence in France at the time an action is brought. Legally binding jurisdictions shall remain unaffected.
If provisions of these Terms of Business shall be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

II. General Terms of Business of Suppliers of Tours and other touristic Services

1. Truthful Information
The information you provide on the Booking.Paris booking platform must be accurate. The supplier can cancel bookings when incorrect information has been provided. In this case, the amount paid cannot be refunded.

2. Compliance with rules
You are responsible for timely arrival at the meeting point and for all instructions indicated on the product or service description page as well as on your voucher. If you are arriving to the booked activity from abroad, you are personally responsible for the necessary travel documents (passport, etc.), compliance with health regulations, etc.

3. Binding Nature of Inquiry
The contract between you and the provider is concluded when the suppliers accepts your booking request. By booking a tour or other activity, you are submitting a binding offer to the supplier, to which you are bound for 24 hours. If the supplier accepts your offer within this period, the contract is definitely concluded. You will be notified via e-mail.

4. Payment
Your credit card will be charged upon booking. If the provider does not reject your booking within 24 hours after the payment is made, the booking will be considered as confirmed. If the provider cancels the booking within 24 hours after the payment is made, the charged amount will be credited back and no compensation will be due.
If you do not pay for the booked service or revoke the payment, your claim to the service benefits will be omitted. This will be regarded as a cancellation and cancellation charges will apply according to the supplier cancellation policies.

5. Personal Responsability for Insurance
Insurance is not included in the price. You are personally responsible for a sufficient insurance coverage.

6. Cancellation Policy
Cancellations by the supplier within the 24 hours following the booking request.
You cannot cancel or modify a booking unless stated differently in the product page.
If a refund is agreed by the supplier, it will be made within 20 working days by crediting the credit card used for the payment.
The supplier can also cancel the activity without adherence to the cancellation period if unavoidable external circumstances endanger or make carrying out the activity impossible or substantially more difficult such as weather conditions, governmental actions, etc. An activity can be cancelled by the supplier if an involuntary error from the supplier (for example an important price error) creates an outlaw situation based on the French laws. This is done under exclusion of any compensation for damages or other claims under what legal basis whatsoever.

7. Program Changes
The supplier further reserves the right to make program changes, if deemed necessary due to unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances.

8. Liability of the supplier of the tour or touristic service
The supplier of the tour or touristic service is liable according to applicable law. The liability is excluded to the extent permitted by applicable law.

9. Changes of these General Terms of Business
These Terms of Business are subject to change without prior notice. The terms that are valid at the time of each booking shall apply. The user has no claim that future bookings be completed under existing conditions.

10. Applicable Law
The legal relationship between users and suppliers of services shall be in each case governed by the applicable law. Note that in case a litigation between the customer and Booking.Paris, you can contact the Tourism mediator filling the following form: